Hama Smart Solution


i want to connect a hama smart solution bulb to openhab. I connected it as shown in the manual with wifi and it works with the hama smart solution app. i tried to connect it via the Wifi LED binding (https://www.openhab.org/addons/bindings/wifiled/) by adding it manually, this worked as well, but i cant controll it. Even if i change the given protocol and driver, it doesnt work. does anyone know how to fix it or is there any other binding?

thanks for the help

I’ve never heard of this brand. Just because a bulb uses wifi doesn’t mean that anything in OH knows how to talk to it. The WiFi LED Binding doc has a table listing those devices that are known to work. If this bulb isn’t one of those there is no reason to expect that it would work.

A quick search doesn’t reveal a published API.

So you will have to hope that the communication between the app and the bulb isn’t encrypted and then reverse engineer the API.

Did someone got the HAMA GU10 Wifi LED Bulp working in OpenHab?

Sorry for commenting this old post, but I wanted to know if it is now possible to add the Hama WLAN Plug?

This is the plug (german):