Hamburg Meetup

Because Berlin meetings are always fun, I decided to plan a meetup in Hamburg. (this is reducing travel time for me :wink:)

Since the Maker Fair in Hamburg was cancelled the weekend is free now so.

Date: 17. November 2019 from 12:00
Place: To be announced
Agenda: We are open to discuss every thing around openHAB

Just drop a short note if you are interested and will join us



Interested for sure :slight_smile:

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Oh no. Unfortunately, I have a calendar conflict. Same date, but completely different place. ->

So guys,

we are still missing some people to participate. Maybe i can attract you with different topics. Let us discuss about:

  • Notifications - What are the requirements of a notification system.
    Have you build a notification system for your smart home and like to talk about it.You know the requirements but you are not able to implement them. Or just like to discuss about it

I you have some ideas for topics to discuss. Just leave a comment and join us.