Hands-on beginners training


As part of being a Velbus installer, we ask (aka, insist) that people take training on the product.

For a few reasons.

  1. It gives them hands on time before they commit to an installation.

  2. It gives them vital information on techniques and technical requirements, so they avoid rooky mistakes.

  3. They feel more confident about fitting and configuring Velbus hardware.

As part of the training, we talk about the many varied software platforms that can be used with Velbus, in order to give their customers a fabulous system.

So what I’m asking here is…

  • Is anyone interested in creating a training course for openHAB2

  • Is anyone interested in attending such a course (in the UK)

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Yep, count me in

  • one
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Already exists here?

  • Introduction
  • Concepts
  • Installation
  • New User Tutorial

Yep. It’s all here waiting to be polished up.

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although this post is pretty old. I am releasing a free openhab 2 course on Youtube. For those who are interessted, please check the playlist.

You may skip the intro by using the time link in the video description. Or simply move to 0:38 and the lesson will start.

If you like the videos so far, would be great to subscribe and share. This will give me the chance to do more video trainings.

Thanks and regards


That’s an excellent series of videos, all I’ve got to do now is find the time to watch them all.

If only I had more time at home… Oh hold on…

I hope you don’t mind, I’ve added a link to your playlist to this post

No problem with adding it.

The full course will be about 8 hours at the end. And will guide a beginner step by step trough the process. Videos will be published every Wednesday and Friday.

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Now there’s a bold commitment :slight_smile:

If you’d like to explore adding Velbus hardware, I’m happy for you to make a remote connection to a demonstration rig here.

I can film it while you connect and even work with you to press buttons etc.

Do you plan on keeping it updated?
When OH3 gets released there will be many changes needed, especially with new requirements & user interface.

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Hi Bruce,

if all develops in the right direction I will do an new course when OH3 is released. What I have learned is that the OH2 course helped people comming from OH1.


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There are still that many people moving from OH1? I find that surprising.

No sorry, that was miss leading. This has been some time. But I was suprised by such a statement.

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Thanks for the offer, maybe later on. :+1:

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