Hapanel add custom button to run a batch file

how to add this as button on hapanel

var result = actions.Exec.executeCommandLine(time.Duration.ofSeconds(20),“C:\openhab-3.4.4\wolcmd\WOL.bat”);

Please don’t post identical questions multiple times.

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Yeah because people seem to just ignore on here im new to whole automation game and dont knkw what categories i need to put it all want is just some help that have been doing it a lot longer than me plus i dont know what info you need sorry that keep posting just want some help

I though this form was meant to help people everytime i post on here i just get told off but if poeople jusy helped then i wouldnt have to keep poster everywhere

People are here to help, trust me. But if you want help, I suggest to follow some advice.

  1. Please change your style of writing. It is really hard to read your posts. If you do not spend that little amount of time so that it is easier for them to understand, why should they spend their time?
  2. try to accept advices. I just told you in your other thread that I recommend to use MainUI and not Habpanel. You did not follow that advice which is absolutely ok, but then don‘t complain.
  3. read the docs. Did you read the docs about habpanel and some posts here in the forum how to trigger items and/or rules? Did you finally try? If yes, describe, what you tried so that it is easier for others to help you.