🎉 Happy Birthday HABPanel :)

Hello everyone,

I noticed HABPanel is one year old today :slight_smile: - the first commit was pushed to GitHub on August 1st, 2016.
Thanks to all contributors who had a role in making it great!

This is also an opportunity, on a personal level (since today incidentally is the first anniversary of my own involvement), to express my appreciation to the openHAB community whose support and feedback has been nothing short of extraordinary!

Here’s a few stats about the two HABPanel categories on this forum,
this one and the HABPanel Examples category:

  • 332 topics
  • 2777 posts
  • 972 likes given

(collected with this little script)

Not bad for a first year :wink: Give yourselves a round of applause!

I’ll leave you with two screenshots of what the first version looked like and what’s hot these days as a zeitgeist (credits to @pmpkk for this one):



I was amazed with HABPanel when I saw this post… I stated using it immediately after that :slight_smile: :

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You’re right! HABpanel has come a long way!:slight_smile:

I’m reviving this thead because today is HABPanel’s 2nd birthday! :birthday:

Once again the community engagement has been outstanding this year!!
Here’s the updated stats:

  • 332 topics 657 topics!
  • 2777 posts 6520 posts!
  • 341848 views 1270726 views!
  • 972 likes given 2488 likes given!

Thanks all, this is awesome! :heart_eyes:

And a very special thank you to:

  • the widget gallery contributors: the gallery was been introduced during the past year, and thanks to 2 great additions just submitted by @andreypopov (kudos!) there are now exactly 50 community contributions you can directly use in your dashboards - Outstanding!

Here’s to another great year! :champagne: