Happy Easter to all

Hi all,

Just a quick note on the eve of our first major holiday in isolation protocols (acknowledging that many folks here do not celebrate Easter). It’s certainly a strange time, and I hope everyone is able to connect remotely with family and friends while staying safe and minimizing travel. If you’ve suffered personal losses due to COVID-19, I hope you’re seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

It’s fascinating how many people are just itching to get out of their houses and are seeing the holiday as an excuse to do so. In my mind, the risk of causing a new spike is significant, so I’ll choose to stay home and encourage others to do the same. Also, I’d feel like an idiot if I wandered out unnecessarily and ended up with COVID-19 after spending five weeks protecting myself from it.

I’m grateful for the openHAB community, because it is a generally positive place filled with excellent people from around the world. That’s not something I can say about many corners of the Internet, and it really sets this group apart.

Whatever you do this weekend, I wish you all the best. I hope you’ll have a moment where you can’t help but smile and laugh. I hope you’ll have faith that we’ll get through this together.



Hi @rpwong,

these are true words. I am thinking and feeling nearly the same.

Thank you!
All the best wishes to you and your family!


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We’ve all been told, no going away. And police do have some check points at certain holiday spots around the country.

We’ve been in country wide lockdown for 2 weeks now. And have another 2 weeks.


Happy Easter!

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