Happy New Year ! What will bring openHAB in 2020?

All the best wishes for the new year!

I would be interested to hear from the community (@Kai ?) what developments openHAB users can expect in 2020.

Again, have a wonderful 2020!


Happy new year to to the whole community.

Have a wonderfull 2020

Have a great 2020.
I believe we will still be waiting for (stable) OH 3 at the end of 2020.

Happy New Year and thanks for being. a great

What I’m interested in - @Kai
How do me manage 2 different releases
a) openHAB 2.5 - hardening + ongoing improvements to the addons
b) OH 3.0 - a longer way to go, because of architectural changes, new features etc.

Very important: Both code streams need to exist in parallel with a clear concept. We must avoid a situation we had when moving to 2.5

The OH 2.5 core should receiving only important fixes (helps hardening and could turn it into a long-term release), whereas the addons will have continuous improvements. The developer should has the choice to provide them for OH 3 and do back-ports to 2.5. OH 3.0 is to far away to be restrictive with 2.5 updates resulting in a 2.5.1 release.

What do you think?

Kai has already said there will only be fixes to addons. They already found an issue which kills fresh installs with the openhab2-addons package.

Unfortunately, a fix cannot be included in the 2.5.1 addons, since the issue is within the distro, for which we do not plan to do a 2.5.1 release.

From https://github.com/openhab/openhab-distro/issues/961

That’s obvious

I’m interested in the release & maintenance strategy from a development point of view.

Have a look at this post.


Where there is a will there is a way (or somebody died?? :smiley: )
Thanks all.

Thanks @Kai. Appreciated. Very interested to see how 3.0 is going to bring us into the next era of home automation.

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