[Hardware recommendation] From RI4 to any Docker + USB-over-IP

Maybe you’ve already read it in another thread, but I would like to finally switch to Docker!

Since even the PI5 won’t be enough for me in this context (I don’t want to just run one container), I would need a few purchasing decisions:

  1. The server itself (I have enough space in a 19 inch rack) → What can you use to accommodate around 32GB of RAM, an SSD and reasonably CPU performance 24/7 in an energy-saving manner?

  2. If I lose the header from the PI, I will probably have to switch from the HAT to a stick for Z-Wave.
    https://www.galaxus.de/de/s1/product/aeotec-z-stick-7-smart-home-hub-31368576 (ok?)
    Since the server cabinet is in the basement, I would like to outsource the stick to the middle of the house:
    Do you have experience with USB over IP?
    Or are there any concerns if I want to use a Pi1 or Pi2 for this?
    Or maybe finished hardware?

  3. I already mentioned that I operate/maintain my home automation for 2-3 buildings (currently in ONE OH)
    I would then cleanly separate this again in Docker and start up several instances. But some rules are interdependent across houses. Is there something exciting about communicating between two OHs?

Best Regards

To get the zwave in the middle of the house a Pi1 or 2 sounds like a good idea because if the controller is in the basement that will likely be suboptimal