Hardware Upgrade - From Pi Zero to Pi 4

Hello everyone,

Recently I moved my test scenario to real live using latest version of OH(3) into a Raspberry Pi Zero. I saw in readme that was not a good idea use this hardware due specifications/limitations but I would say that it is working, not really fine, but is working.

Currently I have 23 devices connected with WIFI (MQTT protocol) and aproximately 250 itens. Most portion of this total is read-only as system info and weather. Around of 25 controllable itens, mostly as lamps, outlets and sensors.

In the major portion of the time everything is working fine, including sitemap and devices controls. The only problem I really have is to run rules. Simple rules as add timer on my leds or set dimmer by scene automation used to take more than 60 seconds to run - and by this reason I was wondering to upgrade from Pi Zero to Pi 4.

Do you guys could give-me some hits? Do you think this hardware upgrade will speed up my rules or maybe could be a code newbie trouble?

Thank you in advance,

If you need a faster computer then that is what you get.

It sounds like you need a faster one a pi4 will do rules near instantly

If you read the docs carefully, you might find a hint that we don‘t recommend using a Pi Zero due to not being powerful enough….

The OP did read the docs.

@thomazferraz yes, upgrading your hardware will improve the performance of openHAB. Many, many people run openHAB on a pi4 - it will work very well!

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Sure we can. hits or hints ? :wink:

Don’t get a 8GB RPi4, it’s a waste of money.

Just export your config, install your new box from scratch and import your config
(assuming you use openHABian, it’s in menu 50).

I did not say he did not read the docs.
AFAIR there is a note saying that Pi Zero id not powerfull enough.

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