Harmony HUB Activities ID

Hello OpenHab community,

I am very new to OpenHab but have been using a Harmony for quite some time.
Now I am trying to configure OpenHab but so far I only successfully can send the PowerOFF command.

I would like to start activities but it does not seem to work right with activities that have more then one word (Play Ps4)

	Text label="Multimedia" icon="video"  {
		Frame label="Harmony"  {
			Switch item=Harmony_Activity mappings=[PowerOff='PowerOff',Play PS4='Play PS4',Kodi 4K='Kodi 4K',Test='Test']

So right now only the PowerOFF and Test activity work.
I read somewhere that I need to get the ID of the activity if it has more then one word but I can not figure out how to get that ID.

any suggestions?

This works for me:

Selection item=Harmony_Activity mappings=[PowerOff='Off', Radio='Radio', RadioBK='Radio Bad/Küche', BluRay='Blu-Ray' ]

So you need values without spaces that are mapped to the activity names (with spaces).

Thank you Christoph for your reply.

By accident i just stumbled over the solution.

I rebooted Openhab and connected as quickly as possible over ssh to start the debug log.
Right there when Openhab is setting up it gave me an output of about 4000 lines with all functions from the Harmony with all the details.

For example the activity that starts my AVR to play music over Volumio:

     "label":"Listen to Music",

Now I just use the id “13612378” in the Activity mappings and it works :slightly_smiling:

So currently this is my set-up.

  Frame label="Harmony"  {
  		Switch item=Harmony_Activity mappings=[PowerOff='PowerOff',13612378='Music',16342752='Kodi 4K',12998573='Play Ps4']

So when you have the id you can use activities that have spaces in the name :+1:

this should work too:

	Text label="Multimedia" icon="video"  {
		Frame label="Harmony"  {
			Switch item=Harmony_Activity mappings=[PowerOff='PowerOff','Play PS4'='Play PS4','Kodi 4K'='Kodi 4K',Test='Test']

just put the value in ‘x’ too.