Harmony Hub Activity not updating OH2

I’m setting up the Harmony Hub binding with a hub I just bought and I’m having pretty good luck for the most part but I seem to have one issue. I’m able to control what activity is active without any problems but the activity doesn’t seem to report back to OH2 when I activate it on the remote. Is there something I need to do to the configuration to have it update? Below is what I currently have set up:


Bridge harmonyhub:hub:EntertainmentCenter[name="Entertainment Center", hearBeatInterval=1]{
device SamsungTV[name="Samsung TV"]
device OnkyoReceiver[name="Onkyo AV Receiver"]
device XboxOne[name="Microsoft Xbox One"]
device CableBox[name="Motorola DVR"]
device BlurayPlayer[name="Motorola DVR"]


String EntertainmentCenterActivity "Current Activity: [%s]" {channel="harmonyhub:hub:EntertainmentCenter:activity"}


Switch	item=EntertainmentCenterActivity	mappings=[PowerOff="PowerOff", "Watch TV"="Watch TV"]

Control of everything works just fine but I don’t get an update. Any ideas what I might need to change or is there a bug?