Harmony Hub and IKEA Trådfri not working to 2.4

I’ve just upgraded from 2.3 to 2.4 and after that IKEA trådfri AND Harmony Hub does not work. The Ikea trådfri “forgets” the security key after reboot - and the Harmony Hub are set to …177 IP adress (but under properties it says …8)

Harmony hub binding is not working any more if you have firmware 4.15.206
check the hub firmware version in de hamony app and read i.e.:


I have no experience with IKEA

I hope this helps

The Trafri issue is known for a long time, but neither the cause nor a solution are known so far:

I created a bug report, as I am unfortunately no Java programmer:


I have the developers firmware and its working again (temporary fix)

Hi, I started experiencing key forgetnes for IKEA since I moved to docker. It was working fine before. Any progress with fix @micware ? Is there a way to configure it from files, so it will not forget values (if so, how)?

It is working now all by itself. I think similar thing happened last time.
I restarted server yesterday evening, and this morning Ikea didn’t work. Now I opened openhab and it is working. Also this morning remote access via myopenhab.org was not working so this might be related. Also my IKEA gateway has v6 IP [fe80:0:0:0:deef:czzz:fyyy:5xxx], while I am sure I wrote v4 in the binding, and I see ikea gateway on the network using v4 (but I am newbie to v6 so I might be blind here)