Harmony Hub Binding Issue with OH v2


since yesterday I try to get the Harmony Binding working in my environment. The initial setup was no big deal. I have did the hole setup in PaperUI.
I have just linked one String item to Current Activity and set this as Selection item to my sitemap. I have just 2 entries:


PowerOff is absolutely correct powering down my equipment. If I try to start the activity nothing happens.

I have checked this in my test OH v3 environment in the same way. The same item is part of the sitemap and the mappings for the selection are completely the same and I have also copied the code from v3 to v2.
The strange thing is, that under v3 I am able to start and stop the activity with the item but in OH v2 I can only power off!

Any ideas what I can do?

Probably not. It works in OH 3. If there was a bug in the binding, that bug got fixed somewhere along the way and fixes like this generally are not back ported to older versions of OH.

It’s also possible that the Current Activity Channel was configured differently in the older version of the binding. In general, you cannot just copy configs from a newer version of OH and expect them to work in an older version of OH unchanged.

Please don’t understand me wrong. I have not copied configs or files or something like this from OH3 to OH2.
I have just used OH3 to double check the code of the sitemap if in the mapping of the activity is maybe a space or something else inside. So its absolutely clear in each of them.

Ok, but if there is no fix I have to live with it. The upgrade to OH3 is very complex in my environment but maybe I will start this actions now.

In general, you should show the actual code from your items/sitemaps/rules so that we can look at it. Otherwise, we can only speculate.

Here’s what one of my Harmony Hub selection items looks like. This carried over from OH2 to OH3 with no changes.

Selection item=HarmonyBedroomActivity mappings=["Bedroom TV"="TV", "Chromecast"="Cast", "PowerOff"="Off"]

You have to make sure that the mappings are identical to what the Harmony Hub expects. The easiest way to confirm this is to use your Harmony remote to turn on the activity, and then see what your log says.

Item 'HarmonyBedroomActivity' changed from PowerOff to Chromecast

This is absolutely the way I try and this is what the behavior is different to OH3 and OH2. So I have just added the thing and the following line to my sitemap:

Switch item=Harmony_Hub_Activity label="Harmony Aktion" mappings=[PowerOff="Ausschalten",SHIELD="TV"]

And it doesn’t matter if I use a Selection or Switch item or use quotes for “SHIELD” or not. And this line is working in OH2 for the PowerOff command but the activity is not started. The same line in a sitemap in OH3 is working without issues.

What does your log say when you turn on the SHIELD activity using your Harmony Hub remote?

You could also try creating a new activity to see what happens.

Please see my log. The first 5 lines show the powering off which was initiated by my sitemap and works.
Then I try to start my activity - SHIELD - via sitemap (line 6,7 and 8) but nothing happens.
The last 3 lines shows the output when I start the activity directly via my Harmony Remote. What is absolutely understandable is that sometimes the activity is named „SHIELD_TV“ and sometimes its named „SHIELD“. I already tried both ways in my sitemap but without success.

Did you try “SHIELD TV”? Seems to me like that’s the code that the Harmony Hub expects, since that’s what it reports in the last line.

Also not working. Send the command but nothing happens….

I think it’s probably something to do with the activity in the Harmony Hub, since openHAB is able to send codes. Perhaps you changed the name of the activity at some point and that’s causing confusion in the Hub software. So I’d again suggest creating a new activity and testing if that works.

Have already doing this as well. Created a small activity with the name test with only one device (turn on the AV receiver). The activity is working in the Harmony Hub and via remote properly. But if using “Test” via Sitemap also not happens.
In this case there is also an additional curiosity - with addtional activities the harmony hub bridge goes offline in the Openhab.

And at the end with OH3 its working without issues.

Guess you’ll have to move to OH3 then. I never had any of those problems so I’m doubtful that it’s a binding issue.

If you have two servers available to you, consider using the Remote binding so that you can move things over in stages. It enables an OH3 server to connect to and make use of items on a second OH2/3 server.

Yes, I am already working on this and shifting over some items and rules every day. But now I am running already in some issues with rules which are calculating numbers in OH2 without problems but in OH3 there are issues.

So for now I will stop and then Harmony is not working. Maybe I will find more time in the future but now its to hard to troubleshoot every step.