Harmony Hub & PaperUI

Hello Everyone

I have search for the answer but maybe Its so obvious that nobody posted before.

Using Version 2.3.0 on Rasbian, hoping to eventually create a Habpanel based tablet.

I have added my harmony hub and the devices to PaperUI and can see in the control tab only the string for buttonpress or currentactivity. Screenshots of other users setups show a dropdown list for current activity and a list of buttons for buttonpress.

Is this supposed to be like this with further configuratation requried via .items files etc to achive this in PaperUI.

I will have a go at creating Items & Things files for BasicUI but wanted to check if this was normal behavior for PaperUI?


Only Channels that have an Item linked to them appear in PaperUI’s Control tab. So you will need to create Items and link them to those Channels.

You don’t have to create .items files if you don’t want to, though in my experience many if not most users that start out using PaperUI to define Items eventually move to .items files.

Also note that Items will be required for HABPanel, Rules, and pretty much everything else in OH. Items are what drive the home automation.