Harmony Hub: Things configured in file are appearing in the inbox

Hi There,

I’ve configured some Harmony Things using config file:

Bridge harmonyhub:hub:HarmonyHub [ host="HarmonyHub", name="HarmonyHub"] {
    device fire_tv [ name="Amazon Fire TV" ]
    device av_receiver [ name="AV-Receiver" ]

But these things are appearing in my inbox. Is this the expected behaviour?


To be honest, I don’t know if that is normal behavior. I added my Harmony Hub using PaperUI. However, what happens when you replace host="HarmonyHub" with host="<the ip address of your harmony hub>"?

Yes, but you may turn it off:


Mh, “Auto Ignore” is turned on already.

But based on what would openHAB know that it is the same HarmonyHub? To be able to determine that it is the same hub openHAB would need to do a reverse DNS lookup to find the hostname belonging to the IP address that it discovered. I don’t know if openHAB does that. If it doesn’t then it will be comparing ‘HarmonyHub’ with e.g. ‘’ which are not the same, hence my suggestion to try using the IP address in the Thing file. Then ‘’ would match ‘’ and openHAB would know it’s the same Thing.

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