Harmony Hub Usage and Documentation

I would like to use the Harmony Hub but I am confused by the documentation.

On the one hand there is the Harmony Hub binding which allows to define items to trigger rules but also to send commands.
On the other hand there is the Harmony Hub action which also can send commands.

  1. Why do I need the action? The binding can already send commands.
  2. Do I need specific cfg files for the action? I do not see any documentation.
  3. I am using the addons.cfg. Do I both have to install the action and binding?
  4. Does the binding also work if the hub is NOT connected to the internet?
  5. In the OH2 documentation I see the documentation of a 1.x binding which is not showing up if I switch on show legacy binding in paper ui. Very confusing.
    I am beginning to wonder whether this binding is usable at all and not only some “dead wood” which has been left over by the developer.

1 .If you want to use those command in rules
2. no idea, never used it
3. via PaperUI or addons.cfg
4. No
5. Don’t get your point: it’s a 2.x binding so no need for any “1.x” stuff

Why do you state that if you did not use the binding yet?
The binding works as expected, although it looks after some time of running it throws an exception … but that is being worked on.

So, in general: you only need the binding, no action, install it and use openHAB to control your remote.
Btw, it’s really fun to connect the remote via Amazon skill (or Hue eumulation) and tell Alexa “Turn TV on”.

thanks for the reply.

I have tried to use it but it did not only throw the error but it also seems to create a memory leak which crashes Openhab2 after a while

I was therefore wondering whether I had in installation error (e.g. I did not install any action but this seems not to be necessary).
Also what I never manage to operate reproducible was sending an action e.g. “PowerOFF” to the Hub.

In the OH2 documentation wiki there is still the OH 1.x documentation. Therefore I thought I would try to use the 1.x binding because this binding worked reliable in OH1.x.
But it seems there is no legacy binding working under OH 2.

If it is the same content it is working the same way: :slight_smile:


You need to send a string (you may look it up at your Harmony App or the REST Api) to the activity channel of the hub.
If you want to send a devices button press you need to send a string to the button press channel of the device.

Working example from my config:


Bridge harmonyhub:hub:HarmonyWZ [ name="HarmonyWZ"] {
	device Bose-AV [ name="Bose-AV"]
.... (more devices)


String HarmonyWZActivity "Current Activity [%s]"   { channel="harmonyhub:hub:HarmonyWZ:activity" }
String HarmonyWZBose "Bose-AV"  { channel="harmonyhub:device:HarmonyWZ:Bose-AV:buttonPress" }


Switch item=HarmonyWZActivity mappings=["PowerOff"="Aus"]
Switch item=HarmonyWZBose mappings=["Mute"="Ton ein/aus"]

HI sihui,

You are define an item
"String HarmonyWZActivity “Current Activity [%s]” { channel=“harmonyhub:hub:HarmonyWZ:activity” }"

In the discovery the activity item of the harmony hub binding is using
"currentActivity" instead of “activity”. Is there a reason why you have chosen “activity”

The docs told me to: :slight_smile:


String HarmonyGreatRoomActivity “Current Activity [%s]” (gMain) { channel=“harmonyhub:hub:GreatRoom:activity” }

ok. I saw documentation as well. But in the discovery it shows different.
Anyway it is working and that is enough.
Thanks for the support

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