Harmony Hub with OpenHab


Just bought a Harmony Hub on a fantastic Black Friday deal that I was hoping to use to tie OpenHab into controlling the TV/AMP/Xbox etc.

After playing, I can create activities such as “play xbox” but the end activity shuts down everything, AMP/TV etc. Although the menus suggest I can stop this from happening it doesn’t work and I don’t seem to be the only one who cannot make this happen. So thinking of sending it back…

Before I do can anyone generally tell me how well does the Harmony Hub play with OpenHab? Could I use open hab to create these “activity” type things as openhab rules which just send a series of device commands? Is it possible to use the hub (well remote) to send commands to openhab e.g. run the openhab version of “Play xbox”?

Any general advice would be appropriated.