Harmony Second Hub Support?

So, I bought a second Harmony Hub. My original hub, an Ultimate Home Hub, works great with my OpenHAB setup. But when I tried to add my new Home Hub (that comes with a remote without a screen), OpenHAB isn’t differentiating between the two hubs. The second TV is off at the time of this screenshot, and there isn’t even a “Watch TV” activity on that hub (there is no cable box in that room so that activity is replaced with “Use Google TV”).

Here are the relevant config files. What am I missing?

harmonyhub:tvroom.host= harmonyhub:tvroom.username=xxxxx@gmail.com harmonyhub:tvroom.password=xxxxx harmonyhub:playroom.host= harmonyhub:playroom.username=xxxxx@gmail.com harmonyhub:playroom.password=xxxxx

String TVroomHub_Activity "Current Activity [%s]" <television> (Harmony) { harmonyhub="<[tvroom:currentActivity]" } String PlayroomHub_Activity "Current Activity [%s]" <television> (Harmony) { harmonyhub="<[playroom:currentActivity]" }

Frame label="TV Room Hub Status" { Text item=TVroomHub_Activity } Frame label="Play Room Hub Status" { Text item=PlayroomHub_Activity }

You seem to have both configs pointing to the same IP.

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@danielwalters86 Of course. Thank you! The hub is one IP address away from my first Harmony Hub… so I kept thinking of it as my OpenHAB server. :slight_smile: