Has anyone already integrated the VW ID Charger wall box

Dear openhab community,

Has anyone already integrated the VW ID Charger for electric vehicles into openhab?

We have this wall box installed to charge our Hyundai electric car.

Googling and searching this community did not return anything for the VW ID Charger openhab integration. I could only find information about a binding for the VW We Connect portal, but it was about VW cars and not VW’s wall box charger.

Thank you! I am planning to charge my electric vehicle with excess solar energy instead of feeding this excess energy into the grid and charging the car with imported energy from the grid.

Hi, I’m going to install this charger within the next 4 weeks and I’m the developer of the CarNet binding supporting VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat vehicles. Could you provide details on the API?


Hi Markus,

It seems there is no official API documentation yet. The Ellie website says about communication protocols:

OCPP 2.0
EEBUS-Kommunikation- in Entwicklung

Various forums have threads around trying to link the VW ID Charger with smart home systems. But it seems there is no solution yet.

Fingers crossed that VW/Ellie will improve the API soon.


Hi, I would also be interested in a supporting binding. My ID Charger Pro has been installed and is working.

Hi, I tried this binding and it seems to work quite well:

Thanks for the efford!

Do you have the Connect or Pro wallbox?

It’s an ID. Charger Pro
The only thing I’ve noticed is a channel with the coordinates of the position of the wallbox which is obviously not containing data, however, every other channel seems to do whats expected.

Could you provide me a TRACE log of the startup. I would be interested to see if the JSON includes more information than the ID.Charger Connect, e.g. data from the power meter. It should be easy to add those channels, but I need to see the JSON strings

Where can I find the JSON strings? I have activated the TRACE log of the binding and it generates a lot of information, however, nothing looks like the channel info. The closest I can find is something like this:

2021-09-21 14:35:17.328 [DEBUG] [nectedcar.internal.api.ApiHttpClient] - fd8a0149-ffa0-4821-8efa-XXXXXXXXX: HTTP 200 Response: {“timestamp”:“2021-09-21T12:35:17.303Z”,“result”:{“connection_state”:“connected”,“connectors”:[{“availability”:“available”,“id”:“1”}],“id”:“fd8a0149-ffa0-4821-8efa-XXXXXXX”,“last_contact”:“2021-09-21T12:32:13.255Z”,“lifecycle_state”:“activated”,“name”:"@home",“authorization_mode”:“authorization_csms”,“model”:“EVBOX_MGWB”,“last_connect”:“2021-09-19T01:07:12.049Z”,“location”:{“id”:“c1ce412c-8c17-4639-989c-XXXXXXXXX”,“address”:{“city”:“XXXX”,“country”:“DEU”,“street”:“XXXXXXX. 20”,“zip”:“30559”},“geo_location”:null,“description”:“Carport”}}}

For the car - a Golf 8 Variant - I find a lot more of information…

is one of the JSON strings. You could send me the anonymized TRACE log as PM and I’ll check the details.

can you please tell me if I will be able to manage charging currrent/power through rules?
What version of the ID.Charger will be needed to do so?

Any News on this? I would be interested in this too, because even after Ellis EEBUS update, I cannot connect the wallbox with my Kostal PV-System. :frowning: