Has anyone know how to setup remote solution ES50A smart home Ethernet gateway?

Just got this device from utility company. Doesn’t like their app.

That’s a Zigbee Ethernet Gateway


what kind of (Zigbee) endpoints does it connect ?
Which utility company in which country is deploying these devices for home users?.. interesting!
is it being used by the utility company to perform smart metering (water,gas,electricity,other?) for them (as well as provide to the end-user some nice consumption info) ? (or it’s only for end-user)

Maybe you can pull some http info from it and use the http binding?

In the manual there is a reference for also a “Cloud Server”… do you use this? (if the device does not respond to direct http queries, maybe you can use http against this “Cloud Server”)

I have no clue what endpoint it uses. It’s from Maryland bge. They are going to sell home monitoring service like adt. They have a mobioe app developed by a California company. It only supports basic rules. I want some more complex ones. I can try http but don’t know the port.

I wouldn’t buy that stuff if I was you…

(warning: conspiracy theory ahead!!! … no…i am not a member of http://marylandsmartmeterawareness.org/ but this is funny :slight_smile: )

What they are (most likely) doing is:
They is an existing Landis & Gyr Focus AXR-SD Electricity (and/or Gas) Smart Meter installed (or will be installed) that has a ZigBee RF module.

They will use this ES50A ZB-IP Gateway to send the meter readings via IP to their servers (so that they won’t need to dispatch a technician to read the meter = lower cost for them). They can also remotely control it (on/off) if needed.

They have created on top of this smart metering setup, some kind of (subsidized) commercial “offering” (site down, visit g.cached) that gives to the End-Users a “Smart Home Solution” (crap) that includes some ZB sensors (like door/window, temp, etc). Of course they used a cheap Korean company to supply the devices :slight_smile:

Build your own openHAB2 system, buy a USB ZigBee adapter and read the Energy/Gas Meter yourself (although this may not be possible )…

For the other stuff (sensors, etc) be free, use openHAB and choose the wireless technology that fits you: ZigBee, Z-Wave, WLAN, etc (or even better: go with a wired technology… no batteries, no interference)

I don’t think that you will be able to interface to this ES50A unit… In theory, it has obtained an IP Address from your local network in order to connect via the Internet to the BER Servers. Can you access it with a browser? (use a network scanner to find what ports it listens to)

Don’t link your Home Automation devices to some uncontrollable Gateway that uses a badly designed mobile App… you will be locked to that and will depend on that service provider…

don’t buy their crap :slight_smile:

Thanks for your advice. I definitely won’t buy it.i joined pilot program to get all the free sensors. I will play with the hub for a while. If I can’t get it working I will buy a USB stick.

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