Has anyone used a standard mains PIR sensor on a Fibaro Double Switch?

Hi Forum,

I have a few of these Clipsal PIR sensors and a few spare Fibaro Double Switch relays. I’m thinking i’d like to have more control of the lights. Has anyone had any experience in setting these up? Any special configuration required on the Fibaro device?

Thank you

You need to take care of voltage if you electrically connect the sensors to the Fibaro inputs.
They’ll then act like manual switches do.

There’s a number of disadvantages. You cannot e.g. override the OFF command from OH but have to use what’s configured in the sensors.
I doubt that is what you want and would go fo a Fibaro Motion sensor instead.

Hi Markus

Post #7 here seems to think the Fibaro is suited to it, but I’m not entirely sure what they mean