Has anyone used OH2 on a Partaker PC?


lists numerous units available.

Any experiences?


I can speak only for myself, no I did not.
But would I want to trust a company that’s named INCTEL when I don’t even trust INTEL:rofl:
Also the amount of bad photoshopped stock images makes me shiver!

and this from Springwall?

I could go on ranting (= but who knows ?? maybe their hardware is good?

hahaha those pictures are quite funny :slight_smile:

None are chinese!

That’s not even the big point, did you ever see or heard about someone working in support hotline business wearing a suit?

Actually I have :smiley:

Take a look at qotom. A lot of people use them for pfsense. I’ve used an i5 with 4xintel nics as router for 3 years, excellent box, a similar one should work with openhab.


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I’ve been looking for some embedded stuff lately and can share my findings. These are not related directly to any of above. I am also not a hardware guy.

Mind that all pictures of field devices show “radiator” cases, some advertise that they are low energy. Most of setups with Intel i5/i7 is not “low” energy. These CPUs are power hungry and they will emit heat. If you look for stuff which will run your openhab effectively - well, intel is welcome but you don’t need ie. 4k resolutions on server. All above cases/models makes an impression that they are kinda industrial while they’re not. This is quite good visual trick.

I went over fanless units - most of them do not specify temperature ranges, these who do claim up to 50C. Read carefully any higher numbers, storage temperature is usually quite wide from -20C up to 80, don’t trust 80C even if you see it. :slight_smile:

Industrial temperatures are up to 70 or 80C. 50 degrees is fine for most of home automation use cases. Many of bigger manufacturers such Aaeon have units which not only define 50C as upper bound but require air move. Just read carefully descriptions

I purchased this yesterday as a test/trial


J1900 CPU, 4G ram, 64GB SSD.

Should be nice for OH2.

Ill report back.