Have Alexa switch to Netflix on LG Web OS TV

Platform Information:
Raspberry Pi 3
Raspbian GNU/Linux 9
Openhab 2.5.1

I have the binding installed and can power on and off the TV with Alexa, courtesy of the WOL and LG Web OS Binding. Just thought it would be cool to be able to switch to Netflix via Alexa when on the HDMI input (for example). The log does show when the input changes so I figure it should be possible.

 appLauncher changed from netflix to. 


You have provided no system or configuration information except for a binding installed.

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I do not see any Things, Items, or Rules
openHAB cannot do what you wish from just a fresh installation.

Nevermind. Thanks

It should be possible if you modeled the appLauncher channel item as a ModeController interface using the same mappings you would define in your sitemap. That way, you would be able to say something like “Alexa, set TV application to Netflix”.

As @Bruce_Osborne mentioned, if you need more specifics, you would need to provide additional configuration information.