Having an MQTT dashborad on my home sitemap

Just wondering if there is an example, or if it is possible, showing how to display all the traffic (messages) going on via an MQTT server. I have an app for my phone that is an MQTT dashboard but would really like to have some sort of text box that would just keep listing the most recent update. I figure this is probably pretty simple but to be totally transparent I go through times where I have a hard time doing any type of coding and my medicine doesn’t help. Humbly asking for any insight because this is one of those periods.

Assuming your broker is Mosquitto you can subscribe to the # topic. # is a wild card and if you subscribe to just # you will get every message that Mosquitto sees.

Create a Sring Item with an incoming MQTT config subscribed to this Item and that String Item will have the most recent MQTT message that Mosquitto received.

Unfortunately, that is the best you can do with OH and the existing GUIs. There is no way to create a text box with a scroll bar that lets you see anything more than the most recent message.

Thank you for your insight. Yes I am using Mosquitto, which works great for me for all the devices I have. Glad to at least know the limitations at this point and to know in general I was headed in the right direction. I greatly appreciate your help.