Having found a lot of conflicting information

After having sought information on the syntax of the MQTT configuration I submit my research and results to you
with the correlation between the text mode declaration in Thing-items-sitemap and the visualization in PaperUI

String String_Rhasspy_Intent      "label Rhasspy Intent"      {channel="mqtt:topic:Rhasspy:Rhasspy_thing:String_Rhasspy_Intent" }
String String_Rhasspy_Nlu         "label Rhasspy nlu"         {channel="mqtt:topic:Rhasspy:Rhasspy_thing:String_Rhasspy_Nlu"}

sitemap rhasspy label= "Rhasspy"
    Frame label= "Rhasspy" {
        Text   item= String_Rhasspy_Intent
        Text   item= String_Rhasspy_Nlu 

Bridge mqtt:broker:Rhasspy “Rhasspy” @ “MQTT” [


    Thing topic Rhasspy_thing "Rhasspy" @ "MQTT"  {
              Type string : String_Rhasspy_Nlu "Str Rhasspy NLU"       [ stateTopic="hermes/nlu/intentNotRecognized/#" ]   //hermes/nlu/intentNotRecognized           
              Type string : String_Rhasspy_Intent "Str Rhasspy INTENT" [ stateTopic="hermes/intent/#" ]                 

and display in PAPERUI with relations:

Hopefully it will help because I wasted a lot of time finding the right syntax


I you had configured your channels in the paperUI directly instead of a things file you would never have had to worry about the syntax and got it right the first time.

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True, the mistake was in going with a things file in the first place which is not recommended (and documented as such).
Then again, I just tried looking this up in the docs and found there’s no (complete, understandable) syntax definition with the binding docs and NO examples. @Confectrician I’d call that a docs bugs, wdyt ?

In fact it is simply because I like to get to the bottom of things and understand very exactly what I do, actually I first used the declaration under PaperUI but I did not understand the information given and often very different in the various subject posted and therefore it is for the sake of clarity that I studied the real syntax and the relationship between manual declaration and PaperUI and I posted it to benefit others

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Mqtt Binding Docs were written with UI focus iirc. The binding author doesn’t use textual configuration at all as far as I know.
But I have not looked into them for now.

Of course any clarification in the binding docs can be helpful.
The correct place for this would be the add-ons repository.

@Arpagor Thanks for posting this. :+1:

I agree with the others about using PaperUI to avoid mistakes but I’m bookmarking this topic so I can reference it for all the hardheaded files only users. :grin:

This should help to reduce the amount of post needed to get someone up and running. :wink:

Thanks again.

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