Having OpenHAB live on separate vlan?

I just got a ubiquiti edge router x, a couple managed switches and new AP’s. That said I’ve setup Multiple Vlans for different purposes… Internal (for pc’s/phones/tablets), automation (for all my IOT and openhab), Guest, and VoIP.

while I can access anything on my Automation vlan from my internal lan, I need openhab to be able to connect to various other devices on other vlans.

a few examples:

  1. Multiple media pc’s (running KODI) lives on my internal lan, I use openhab as a remote to control kodi, as well as feedback from Kodi for other Automated events.
  2. Alarm signals from a NVR that manage IP cameras all on a separate vlan

Yes it is possible. I run OH on a VLAN accessing other stuff, only sometimes there might be issues with selected bindings which need devices on the same VLAN.

For the rest, you just need to get routing and firewall right.

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