HCL3 as slave

My main controller is openhab 3.2.0 with usb z-stick instance. This Z-wave network used to have a HCL (previous version) added as slave. All worked perfect. Could do firmwware updates for Fibaro devices and all that. Now i bought a HCL3 and want to add it is as a slave.

The HCL3Lite does get included in the network, but it doesn’t seem to work as expected:

  1. most of the devices remain ‘not configured’ even when i did a reconfigure all / read configuration etc. I have dimmers, switches, motion sensors most of them from fibaro, some from other manufacturer. I cannot why some are and some are not configured.

  2. a Fibaro switch needs an update. (3.2 to 3.4) the HCL3 offers me to update it, but it always fails.

  3. at Settings > Connect gateway the HCL3 always shows as Master. While it is not. Did several factory resets etc. While it is perfectly added as node to the z-stick, it should know it is a slave…

Is this device fully supported by the binding?

I’m on version : 5.092.19

Any advice on how i can get this HCL3 in slave mode? I also noticed the

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