HD PowerView support for TopDown Bottom up blinds

I have a new Hunter Douglas topdown / bottom up blind. The installation of the hub and the blinds worked successfully but the blinds do not report the second blind position. I currently control them via named scenes, but would like to do more from OH.

I can see the correct data in the json that is returned:

    "shadeIds": [
    "shadeData": [
            "id": 16876,
            "type": 8,
            "batteryStatus": 3,
            "batteryStrength": 144,
            "firmware": {
                "revision": 1,
                "subRevision": 8,
                "build": 1944
            "name": "TGFuZGluZyBXaW5kb3c=",
            "signalStrength": 4,
            "roomId": 1532,
            "groupId": 35409,
            "positions": {
                "posKind2": 2,
                "position2": 33748,
                "posKind1": 1,
                "position1": 13144
            "motor": {
                "revision": 0,
                "subRevision": 0,
                "build": 267

The blind reports posKind1 and posKind2 representing the upper and lower bars that move independently. When I capture all the channels and store them in InfluxDB only one value is stored (along with channel vane that is not used).

At the same time I would like to log battery strength rather than the LowBattery alert.

How can I help to get these extra channels supported?

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Post a feature request on gitHub