Heads up -- CHEAP z-wave sensors while they last!

Heads up! Home Depot is blowing out their Go Control sensor starter kits! The basic kit (2 door/window sensors + 1 PIR) is marked down to $12. The premium kit (3 door/window sensors, 1 PIR, 1 siren) is marked down to $25!

Your mileage may vary! I went to three home depots near me, two of them had already sold out of everything and one had six basic kits. Now all three of them are sold out of everything. :smiley:

I figure even if you throw away the PIR, $6/ea for door and window sensors is a price I can’t pass up! I’ll figure out what I’m going to use them for later! :smiley:

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The go control kits don’t actually mention z-wave on the outside of the box. The outside of the box is all about how they’re Wink compatible. Open the box and it’s all standard Vision OEM Z-wave stuff. (PIR looks identical to a monoprice one I have sitting here!)