Heat recovery unit rules

Im making Rules for Heat Recovery Unit. I can’t find some inspiration. Someone already did something similar? I want turn ON unit every 2 hours on 20-30 minutes, then If humidity is very high so ventilate, in Summer when night the outdoor temperature is lower then inside,so I turn ON fan and ventilate only etc.

Yes I did, but what sort of inspiration do you expect ?
Perception of’ personal clima’ is subjective and also highly dependent on your environment.
There’s interaction and dependencies of the effects of ventilation, heating, weather, shading, presence in rooms etc.

If you want to (or only can) control ventilation only, go implement what you suggested yourself, that’s a pretty good start.

Just keep in mind to prepare for more inputs to use in the future because you will find out you need to parametrize and adapt your algorithm.
HVAC systems (ventilation, climatization and heating) are slow to react
So prepare for overswings, add hysteresis and correction factors as items so you can adapt them on-the-go later without changing code. Prepare to include weather forecast to be able to start ‘proactive’ ventilation.

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