Heating and rollershutter via HABot

HI all,
I was playing with HABot last days since the new release and I think it is a great new feature.

For lights and contacts it is working well after adding tags and groups correctly.

Now I am stuck with controlling heating and rollershutters.

I want to set the desired temperature to another value but this does not seem to work.

If I ask for the temperatures in the living room HABot shows following result:


target temperature item is defined like this
Number Te_So_1OG_WoZi "Solltemperatur Wohnzimmer [%.1f °C]" <heating> (1OG_Wohnzimmer) ["Setpoint", "Temperature"] { channel="knx:device:bridge:generic:Te_So_1OG_WoZi" }

I would expect something like a slider or something to be changed…

For rollershutters I get a result like this:

But how can I tell HABot to open, close or set it to a specific value like 50%?

Thanks for your help in advance!


Only Dimmer items are rendered as sliders right now, but since it’s semantically tagged as a Setpoint, you’re right - it should take it into account and offer some controls. I’ll keep this in mind. What you can do however is design a card with the controls you want (like knobs) and attach the right attributes to it, so that it will be presented to you when asking for the temperatures.

I believe you can say “set the rollershutters in the living room to 50%” (or the German equivalent) and it’ll work - at least it does for me.
There is no training data for “open” or “close” right now (this was discussed in another thread) but in the meantime “set the rollershutters to 0%/100%” can do the trick as an imperfect workaround :slight_smile:

Thanks Yannick.

I will try to build some cards with controls.

Unfortunately setting the rollershutters to a certain percent value does not work. HABot shows the card and I can use it properly to move the shutters. But there is no action performed by asking HABot the way you suggested. Do you have any other idea please?

Sorry to hear that.

Apparently it works in English:

but not in German:

This is a matter of training data in German which probably should be enhanced or adjusted.
@stritti did all the work there - and this is (of course) absolutely not criticism :slight_smile:

What you can try for now is to have a “companion” Switch or a Dimmer item to control your rollershutter (with rules) and tag that in HABot instead, it should work better with orders… But you won’t get the nice 3-button control anymore.

Sorry for that. I will have a look after holidays. @ysc could you assign me an issue on GitHub?

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Thanks stritti and ysc. So I’ll wait for a fix.

Sorry for stepping in here :wink:
FYI: I took the freedom to raise an issue for the topic (among others):

PR is created: https://github.com/openhab/org.openhab.ui.habot/pull/40

…and merged! :smile: