Heating control hardware suggestions wanted

I’ve spent days researching this but don’t feel confident that what I’ve seen will do what i want, so I was hoping that someone here might point me in the right direction.

I’ve got an old basic combi-boiler with mechanical 24-hour timeclock without a room thermostat. I’d like to buy some off-the-shelf hardware to control it via openhab, that fulfills the following wife-specified (always important :P) requirements.

  1. it can be controlled from Openhab, using either wifi or z-wave (both of which I use currently, so preferred) or another networking method.

  2. it has a 24 hour timeclock (as minimum, 7 day is preferred) with room thermostat that doesn’t stop working if its wireless connection goes down.

  3. the timeclock &/or thermostat &/or boiler controller can be over-ridden to have heat on demand (perhaps with a one-hour boost) as required by the wife, by pushing a button on the hardware.

  4. the thermostat & time clock settings can be over-ridden from openhab, so that the heating comes on when the openhab rules say so.

I thought this would be easy but the more I look the more confused i am. All suggestions gratefully received.

Thank you in advance.

I think just about any of the “smart” thermostats that will work with OH can meet all of these criteria.

I know for sure the Nest can as that is what I have and I believe the Echobe can as well. But I suspect any of them will work.

OH doesn’t take over the brain of these devices. Instead OH acts like a person walking up to the device to adjust it it override the schedule.