Heating Control KNX vs. Heating Control OpenHAB? Do they conquer?

Hello alltogether!
I need a little bit of help with understanding heating control. Since 2006 I use KNX in my home which includes controlling the heating (different temperatures at different times in different rooms - heating scenarios as well known). Because my KNX program seems to be wrong at some points I am thinking about switching to OpenHAB (which I already use for lights and so on) because I could do the programming by myself (who I trust more than I trust my KNX programmer…). As far as I understand the situation:

  • KNX and OpenHAB would interfere because both of them would try to control the heating
  • I would need to remove all parts of the KNX programming from my system which controls heating

Am I right?
Any help really appreciated!

I don’t know how KNX programs look like, but you should disable KNX programs/triggers/whatever altogether and re-implement everything in openHAB rules instead, else you will run into trouble soon because someone (i.e. KNX) keeps interfering with your state machine …