Heating Control

I want to develop a system for control of my heating room-by-room. I am thinking of buying the Xiaomi temperature/humidity sensor (maybe this one: https://www.banggood.com/Original-Xiaom … rehouse=UK). And a gateway, maybe one of these: https://www.banggood.com/Original-Xiaom … rehouse=UK or https://uk.banggood.com/Original-Xiaomi … mds=search or https://uk.banggood.com/Original-Aqara- … mds=search).
Will this work with OpenHAB? Do I need to install any additional software to make it work? Which of the three gateway products will work best in this scenario?
Initially I just want to record and graph the temperatures in each room. Later I will want to interface to remote controlled radiator activators (type not yet determined) so that I can thermostatically control the temperature in the room with different target temperatures for different times of day etc.

Any guidance gratefully received.

Thanks - Rowan