Heating rule

Hi all.

I have setup my items, and need som help to make a rule for heating.

I have made a simple rule for a thermostat, a setpoint and a valve for each room

It works fine.

But i want to make it more automatic.

How can i control our precence - so heating when we are home and lower the temperature when we are out?

At he same time when we are at home i need to lower the temperature in the nights. to a predefined temperature. but only in the rooms i have marked for that.

I have read some examples but not with all the features, and i cant figure out how too.

Hope somone can give me some hint.

;y items for one room

Number Temp_bath "Temperatur bad kælder [%.1f °C]" <temperature> (Heating_temps) { ihc="0x1412614" }

Switch acc_bath "Actuator bad kælder" (Heating_valves) { ihc="0x1417a5b" }

/*varme setpunkt*/
Number Temp_bath_setpoint "Setpunkt Bad kælder " <heating> (Heating_setpoints)

Regards Chr

Something like this:

or this:

or this:

Lot of ideas…


Hi imhofa

Thanks - yes there is a lot of ideas and Toms Heating Boilerplate could be it, but i would like to put in pressence too :slight_smile:

regards Christian

So use Thoms Boilerplate and just trigger on presence on/off event instead of fixed cron times…


Thanks ill try that