Heating system integration

I have a KNX setup, where each room has its own temperature sensor connected to an MDT AKH thermostat. Once setpoint is provided, every thermostat opens its circuit valve (0-100% depending on delta) and if at least 1 of the thermostats require heating, the clean contact of the boiler is activated.
My boiler (an Ariston Genus One Net Flex) is set to provide 40° water when contact is closed.
Working, probably not at its best optimization.

Now: I really would like to integrate it with OpenHAB in order to:

  • use rules to lower or increase the input water temperature depending on external temperature
  • get informations from the boiler
  • switch summer and winter
    withouth using it’s app (cloud based) or the Sensys thermostat.

What I have collected until now is that the boiler works on Bus Bridgenet, so the options I (believe…) had are:

  1. have openHAB interact with the Ariston cloud (from scratch, as it is not supported yet, only thing I found is on my other post…)
  2. install a Tado thermostat and have it talking with openHAB (seems supported, but it is an addition and I’m not sure it will coexist with the needed original Sensys…)
  3. buy an eBusd controller and let openHAB interact through ebus. This seems to be the cleanest, but I’m completely lost.

Any initial direction is welcome. For now, my Best Xmas greetings to everybody!