Heatit Z-TRM2: request for channel to parameter 11 (ECO temperature setpoint)

@chris, could you please add a channel for setting parameter 11 for this 2. gen device.
This will align it with the 1. gen device.

Database entry.

I added this this morning based on the other thread - but I got the wrong device did I?


Yes, you link to the 1.gen device test supposedly have this channel already.
My bad. Was slow with providing database link. Sorry.

Does the 1.gen also require this? It seemed to be the device that was being discussed in the previous thread, and it does seem to have the eco temperature config.

Maybe @Landstad could chime in here?
After this conversation, it was my impression that it was the 2. gen device that didn’t have it.

Gen 1 is working as it should (i e, one can change the setpoint for eco mode).

Gen 2 does not provide any channels for setting the eco setpoint.

Please can you provide links, or references to EXACTLY what database references you are talking about.

The database entry we were talking about this morning, which I understood from the above is gen1, did not have this channel included - I added it this morning after someone asked me to add it!

Maybe we’re talking about different things, or different channels, or something? However, I’m totally lost as to what these devices are, so can someone please provide the links and channels that are required. Or, better still, please update the database directly as this seems likely to be less confusing (for me at least :wink: ).

I don’t have access to the resource you posted @chris .

This device (gen1, fw 1.8) has the eco setpoint channel and has had this for quite a while:

I have been using the following channel since I installed openHAB last winter or early spring 2018:

This device (gen2) however, does not have this channel:

Sorry - I posted an admin link - I’ve changed it to the main link now. I’ve also updated your access so you can edit :slight_smile: .

So this is a different channel than we were discussing earlier I think. Previously we were discussing a channel linked to a configuration parameter (parameter 11 I think). which is also called ECO Setpoint.

So, a bit confusing as to what this device (in all its different versions) actually does.

About the gen 1 device (412) on fw 1.8:
I haven’t used parameter 11 and 12 and idk what they do.

Setting the eco setpoint (when the relay will turn on/off) through the aforementioned channel works well though.