Heatit Z-TRM3 lists as "Unknown Device"

I recently included a Heatit Z-TRM3 thermostat, but it only shows up as an “Unknown Device”. All attributes look correct, and appear to match the database entry: https://www.opensmarthouse.org/zwavedatabase/1238

I really don’t know how to start debugging this. Any ideas?

What version of the binding are you using?

I’m using 2.4.0.

That’s your problem then - that is very very old.

Ok, I see. But it’s also the one available in the Openhab Addons section, it seems. Is it not automatically updated with the rest of the updates?

If you are using 2.4, then the addons will also be 2.4 - I don’t think the system will provide the latest snapshots, and I don’t believe the 2.5 binding will work on 2.4 either.

I should add that there is a script available to download the latest version of the binding, but I don’t expect the binding will work on 2.4.

That’s my problem. I had recently upgraded my system, but failed to notice the expired repo key. So I hadn’t actually upgraded my system. :slight_smile: I fixed that and upgraded properly, and now it works. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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