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Been using the Heatmiser binding for a while now and wanted to extend the use a bit more.

On the binding wiki page for the Heatmiser binding there is a type of ‘RUNMODE’ which I could really do with using, and looking at the protocols support it is exactly the feature I need. I have looked at the binding config on github and can see why it isn’t working but I really don’t have the experience to work out how to build my own custom version. Can anyone help… I think it is a couple of lines of code change…

Also what would be really good would also to have a time function implemented that I can change the time of the thermostats based on the OH2 time on the RPI. Again can see that this was thought about, but not implemented, but not sure how much work that is to implement.

Many thanks


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Hey, As a long tie heatmiser user, (according to your thread) I have a question for you i’m wondering what adapter you used to connect the serial adapter you used to connect the thermostat to the ethernet. just curious. as the official heatmiser units are a bit pricey, I would think a simple ethernet to serial would work?

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I use the GC-ATC-1000 adaptor for my interface to the Heatmiser network. The original Heatmiser adaptor was extremely pricey for what it did, and ultimately it probably would not have done what I want from it now. You will however need to build your own front end to interface into OpenHAB. To make things a bit quicker for you, I have a python utility that does just that, link below.

Hope that helps


GitHub Repo

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Perfect, thats exactly what I needed. ++

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Ok, looking at this a bit more. Can the heatmiser binding. https://www.openhab.org/addons/bindings/heatmiser1/ not communicate with the Thermostat directly via the Serial to Eth interface?

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Hi, yes it can and I did use this for quite some time when I finally got it up and running.

What I found though was that I wanted to do a lot more than the basic Heatmiser Binding could provide, hence I wrote an external script to do what I wanted it to do. For basic monitoring Ian’s events it is fine.

I had forgotten all about thing bonding to be fair :grinning:


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Can that binding send/receive or is it just receive?

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It is a two way binding. You can change some of the settings on the Heatmiser thermostats, the one you use on a daily basis, but you can’t update things like time, programming functions, which generally tend to be things you do occasionally. The instructions on the binding used to give you basic instructions. I’ve not looked recently at what is available but doubt it has reduced. Just checked and it is all still there.

Works for normal day to day running.


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might be good enough to start, then move on to more advanced things down the line. Just happy to have a thermostat with a wired connection option, i’m in the states and everything is wifi over here, can’t find any non-wifi thermostats at all. This is one a the few wired options available, at a reasonable price. Now I need to find a seller that will send one to the states.

thanks again. :slight_smile:

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Likewise over here with respect to thermostats. When I bought the Heatmiser gear, I did consider the WiFi option, but at the time I was having nightmares with WiFi coverage in the house (still do to some extent, but things are improving). I at the time decided that wired was the best way to go and then got into home automation and faced the issue of hooking up old communications protocol stuff onto IP based networks. The adapter itself I have had no problems with at all, solid as a rock, although having said that out loud it will probably break on me.

Good luck and if you need any help, just shout and might be able to help you out, although it has been a while since I used the Heatmiser Binding.


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Thanks ++
It looks like it will be pretty straightforward, but you know how these things go sometimes :wink: i’m sure i"ll have a couple of questions at some point.

thanks again++