Heatmiser Binding

Getting my old heatmiser thermostats connected to Openhab has been on my list of things to look at. As a result i have started working on bringing the openhab binding over to Openhab2. I need to make it work with the older V2 protocol since my thermostats are older.
I definitely want to make it have an option to set time on the thermostats.

Just thought i would let you know and i’ll reply again or create a new thread when i have something ready for testing (hopefully in the next couple of weeks).

You do know that I wrote a binding for the Heatmiser NeoHub?

Yes i was aware of the NeoHub binding but this is for the older thermostats with the RS485 connection being read directly. So i don’t think it will work with your binding at least not without a hub which i don’t have. I was thinking that we would need to distinguish the names of this binding to make that clear.
Does that make sense? or have i missed something somewhere?

Yes, I think it is already clear concerning the NeoHub binding…

That would be great, if you need help testing, I’m in. One note I will make, I had difficulty getting mine to work correctly, as my thermostat is set to Fahrenheit. I was having difficulty setting the SetTemp via the binding, as there was a function limiting the input number from “5-35” I was able to hack the source code and change it to 32-100, and create my own snapshot binding… it’s working great+++ Just FYI, but if a binding is reworked, As someone in the US, I would love to see the code be able to deal with Fahrenheit or Celsius.

@butteryak for my part I took your request on board, and so have just submitted a PR for an improvement in the NeoHub binding so it now also supports Fahrenheit.

Hi @butteryak, you did not make it clear if you were referring to the Heatmiser binding (referred to by the OP), or the NeoHub binding (which I co-authored) ??

If your interest is the latter (NeoHub), then you may be interested that I have already made a BETA of a modification to support both Fahrenheit and Celsius.

If you are interested in testing this BETA and giving me feedback, then please PM me with your email address so I can share it with you via Google Drive.

@AndrewFG I was specifically referring to the Heatmiser binding, as per the OP.

@butteryak I have noted it as well and in the work i am doing will cope with F as well as C temperatures.

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I noted a mention of Wireless Star and the older Heatmiser PRT umm binding/script… not sure if thats related to Heatmiser, but maybe. Either way, Ive just used a Heatmiser PRT and updated those scripts/setup in full. If it was relevant to anyone, heres my full post with setup instructions, site map, rules etc:

@jpharvey Just stumbled on this thread and wondered if you had got anywhere with the work you mentioned above to get v2 Heatmiser room stats working?

I bodged together most of the needed bits to get this working under OH2 but am wondering about how to proceed with moving to OH3 now and am after ideas/inspiration!

@dsbibby I have something partially working with a oh2 binding. I need to move it to oh3 now. So nothing yet but i will try to set up an oh3 dev environment and see if i can move it across. If you can continue running oh2 for a while then you can use the remote binding to pull the items over from it into oh3.

Thanks @jpharvey - let me know if I can help at all with this, even if just testing! I’m more of a scripter than a real dev, but like I say I had this all working in OH2 - although thinking back that was using an OH1 binding with the compatibility layer to get it working in OH2.

I’ve already started with the OH3 Remote OpenHAB Binding so I can pull everything in that way (Heatmiser isn’t my only stumbling block here!) but it’s kind of dull having to build up all my room stats as OH3 “equipment” by hand.

Many thanks!

You are aware of the Heatmiser NeoHub binding aren’t you?

Hi @AndrewFG,

I am, yes. Sadly the v2 PRT room stats aren’t compatible with the NeoHub so unless I’m mistaken I don’t think this helps me?


Set time on RS485 Heatmiser V3 stat’s

I’m not much of a java programmer, but about 5 years ago, I modified the heatmiser source to allow me to write to each of the daily temperature settings on the PRT-TS room stats. I based it on org.openhab.binding.heatmiser-1.9.0-SNAPSHOT. It’s all been working fine since then, but I have long since lost the development environment I set up. I now find I need to make some tweaks to it. Specifically I would like to be able to update the clock on each stat (I have 13 of them).

I have tried to rebuild an eclipse environment, but it seems like some of the core libraries are so different in OH3 that I cant build OH1 stuff any more.

There are lots of errors, but an example is it cant import some basic functions such as:-

Can anyone suggest where I might be able to get the OH1 core from now.

Of course, what I would really like to do is move to OH3 and have the heatmiser binding converted. That’s well above my pay grade though.

Set time on RS485 Heatmiser V3 stat’s

After 4 days of trying to set up an Eclipse environment to do this, I’ve given up.

Instead, I’ve set up a crontab task. Once a week, it turns off openhab, sets up a virtual serial port to talk to my RS485 network driver and then uses a python script (courtesy of Niel Trimboy 2011) to push the time out to each of my stats. It then drops the serial port and restarts openhab.

Message me if anyone would like a copy. Its really simple as long as you are on a flavour of linux.

Hey, I know it’s been a minute. but I’m wondering if there was anything working for OH3 at the moment, I’m still on 2.5 and need to upgrade soon, so wondering, hoping, there is something to get this working for OH 3. thanks much++ I don’t need much really, just want to read the temp, as well as set the heating temp+

@rex_nightingale I’m also trying out the python script you put together : GitHub - RexNightingale/Heatmiser-v3-MQTT: Python Code to interact with the Heatmiser v3 Thermostats and interface with an MQTT Broker

had a few code issues which I may have fixed (or made worse :wink: ha ) anyway, would love to have some input on getting it to work++ then I can fully leave OH 2 behind++ anyway, dropped you a not on the “issues” section of your github page++ if you have a moment, would love to get some input on it++