Heiman Gas sensor showing unknown device

Hi I have heiman gas sensor which i have added with aeotec aeon z-wave stick , when i connect it to openhab i get unknown device error how can i solve it

The device configuration is listed in z-wave binding database

This is not available in the binding yet - it was only added to the database yesterday.

how can i get this device to work then???

Once it’s added to the binding it will be available - it will take a couple of days.

ping me when it will be done

Just keep an eye on the database or on Github - I likely won’t remember to come back and email everyone about new devices being added :wink: .

ok thanks

Hi Chris , I have checked the Github as well as database , but it seems that the device is not updated in z-wave binding. should i wait for one more day ???
I have also noted on z-wave binding github that in directory org.openhab.binding.zwave/ESH-INF/thing/
no entry for heiman Gas sensor which xml i have updated in the database list through url given above.

Yes - as I said it will take a couple of days. I don’t do this every day as it takes some time so I normally do it a couple of times a week only.

Of course :confused: . Until it’s added to the binding it won’t be there.

hi chris , i need one help i gave hogar control smoke detector as well as smart motion sensor, Both I have addeed into openhab but it is showing unknown devices, I have wake up the devises but, nothibg seems working, can u help in this redards

When were these added to the database? Are they still waiting to be added to the binding? I’m not really sure what the issue is so please be clear about what is being displayed and what your configuration is otherwise people can’t help.

Hi Chris how much time i have to wait for Heiman Gas sensor to be updated in binding ???

I will do the updates tonight.

ok thanks

Hi Chris thanks a lot for Addition of Gas Heiman Gas sensor to the database. Hi have also made request for Shenzhen iSurpass Technology Co. ,Ltd Smoke Detector which is added into the database but, need to update into the binding . So I will wait for that , Thanks for the help

Hi Chris
Continuing on same topic , As you have added this device on z-wave binding , binding is detecting the device correctly thanks for that.

Now the strange is happening, When when I test it , the device is triggering alarm (It beeps On), but the in z-wave openhab binding is not receiving any alarm from the gas sensor, So Switch Alarm is always OFF.
So I think there is problem of communication between gas senor and openhab

Logs are :-

Exception during HTTP PUT request for update config at 'things/‘zwave:device:0ab219d5:node5’: java.math.BigDecimal cannot be cast to java.lang.Integer

How can I solve this problem