Heiman HS1WL Water Leakage Sensor

I try to add this Z-Wave sensor “Heiman HS1WL-Z Water Leakage Sensor” to my OH2 v 2.3.0 (Debian stretch) but it is discovered and shown in INBOX:
“DX1WL-Z Domux Water Leakage Sensor
Unknown Device”
If I added to the things there are no channels for it.

I tried to use the “Z Wave PC Controller” tool under Windows and it shows that the device send alerts to the controller if sensor is exposed to water.

There are someone which successfully added this type in OH2?
What can I do with this to add it correctly in OH2?


I updated the database but still not success to add channels as they are on the cd-jackson z-wave database.
How to update my OH2 to be aware about the changes on the z-wave database?

The binding does not communicate with the database… it’s exported and included in the jar. Since you are on the OH release build, you will need to upgrade to the snapshot, use the development zwave binding, or download from Cloudbees. Either way, you will need to wait for the next build.