Heiman / Zipato Water Leak Sensor not pairing in OpenHab


Has anyone managed to get a Heiman / Zipato Smart Water Leak Sensor to work with OpenHab? Model number is M417-2E ver 1.0


I bought it off eBay new and it appears to work when you put the batteries in. Unfortunately after trying to pair it with Open Hab its unable to find it. I did a factory reset on the sensor and tried repairing it. The device flashes when you press the pair button 3 times within 1.5 seconds so its definitely working but suspect OpenHab can’t find it or its not supported. I cant see anything in the logs either.

Any ideas?

What version of openHAB?

The binding documentation tells you how to gather debug logs to give us an idea.

Look for a title like “When things do not go as planned”. Unless, of course, you planned this. :wink:

If it is a battery device, get the device close to your Zwave stick (0.5 meter or less 2 foot)
include the device and be patient. It takes longer.

yeah cheers I tried that several times as I found that out from adding my Heiman smoke detector. but thanks for the feedback

Oh!!! I reset OpenHab 2 and tried adding it again and it now works!! :smile: :vulcan_salute:

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