Hello from Europe

Hello everyone I am Alex(Ari), data scientist (AI + ML) working in an R&D lab at a Research Institute in Europe.
I have a BSc in Computer Science, MSc in Software Engineering and MBA, have worked at Academia and Business. I am currently working as a data scientist with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, currently working on various R&D projects in the field of gaming, ICT in general and Medicine and Health Care. Currently live + work in Hamburg Germany, but I lived and worked all across Europe so I am European Citizen the most.

I am also a gamer and a I support open source FLOSS (Free\Libre Open Source Software) and Open Data sharing, I have being using Linux for 10+ years, I have used all major Linux Distribution from the post popular linux distro family, using Fedora Workstation at the moment. Using also custom linux OS router (OpenWRT), custom linux NAS and custom linux smart IOT for home devices for security and various custom linux devices for data security, most of my custom security is based on trained AI+ML tech and I very much understand the value of data sharing and open data set sharing as well.
For AI+ML I use R, Python, Java mainly and various bash / command line scripts for the IoT Devices.

I joined this group because I am IoT geek, data scientist and open data geek and open minded about latest tech, community came highly recommended so I hope to exchange ideas in relation to IoT. (have not used Windows since Windows XP, before Windows Vista+7, not up to date on windows 10 or 11, I have used Mac and used if from time to time mostly due to work friends and GF using them) Sadly if this is Windows only group say now so I will be more then happy to leave cause I am the last person who knows anything about the latest Windows OS.

So nice to meet you all and I hope to enjoy the community here. Knowledge is for sharing with everyone

Edit: apology for English not being my native language (I had lots of comments about it in other forums)

Regards, Alex



Be aware this site is not primarily an IoT forum but is specific to the openHAB project. We do have some highly skilled people here though. Our Zigbee and Z-Wave developer is a Euro space engineer.

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Hi Alex,

Welcome to the openHAB-community - a short read of the Introduction should lay your Windows related fears to rest and give you an insight into what our community is about.



Bruce_Osborne fex thank you for the information and welcome, well I have no fears related to Windows, just few cases of bad experience with Only Windows close minded people who have not used Mac and Linux and believe Linux has a terminal only and etc, just asking in advance to avoid it best for me and the forum. I have never used Zigbee (assume its a service or product) I am familiar with Z Wave but I prefer custom build IoT, buy hardware and install the sensor and add software my self, I mean I have a custom build router and firewall why not IoT camera or etc. Doing it on my own is a personal preference not a recommendation, I learn a lot and I do it cause of the expericne of building it, engineer by profession. Not sure what company is Euro Space, but the cooperate probably with european space agency ESA, ESA has office and maybe even HQ in Germany near my town, my institute cooperates with them.

I read the intro about OpenHab, was not aware it was a project, it sounds interesting might even give it a try, some of the web services use nginx nice choice for IoT usage. Tomorrow is Friday, weekend start tomorrow if I have the time will give it a try OpenHAB, thanks again for the useful information.

Regards, Alex

Zigbee is a competing protocol using 2.4 GHz 802.15.4 protocol. Hue and many others use Zigbee with custom enhancements.

You may want to PM @chris out developer for Zigbee and Z-Wave. I think he has developed some hardware too, at least for personal use. He is located in the U.K.

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Sorry but I need to ask… :smiley: How exactly did you get here?
I would love to hear/read a little story about how you came to openHAB and this community.

And of course:

Welcome to the openHAB-Community @AstraAdria4Ari :heart:


My mistake I was thinking about another company with similar name D Wave they make quantum computers and IoT devices. If its a wireless protocol I am sure I never read about it since I have no interest in wireless only use wired for important stuff and work, only protocol I ever edited in Linux is 802.3 the code and custom kernel.

Well I have work and home devices using separate LAN, work devices only use LAN and for the home stuff, movies games etc (no work or personal data not even my name) I use regular wifi 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz, worse it can happen is someone using my netflix hulu hbo user and pass or playing star wars game on my steam or origin.

From first read Zigbee and Z-Wave sound interesting alternative to 802.11 for anyone who values privacy in wireless, will look at it more if i need to, thanks on the info Bruce_Osborne

Regards, Alex

Z-Wave is also wireless :wink:

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BrutalBirdie thanks on the welcome.
Well if you look up my name I mean my game and forum nickname I am member in a lot of tech forums (open source software and hardware etc), since I prefer to keep in touch with what people think about it not just read the news and accept what media or a big company say its true, in forum comments and people reactions you can learn a lot (exception is Facebook and Social Media in general don’t trust the info at all).

I have a lot of custom build IoT devices from my custom Laptop/PC and Mobile both running Fedora Workstation (mobile still in beta), and few BSD (NAS, firewall and work sat phone) also custom build LAN router using OpenWRT, best router software for now.

I have a lot of small sensor PCs for doors windows bio metrics for me etc mostly Raspberry Pi and similar all connected in LAN, I have a lot of custom build kernels, custom build lan protocols, custom build ssh scripts mostly for monitoring, with more devices it takes more time) so now I need a good and open source way to manage them, I have a good experience with OpenWRT I used to use a custom build routing software on Linux CentOS, took me a long time to manage it, so best on good experience with OpenWRT I said lets find a good IoT manager, I joined OpenHAB but did not know that is the name of the product / service, I joined to ask about a good IoT centralized manager or a HUB did not know that OpenHAB is the product also.

So in short while looking for a good IoT community (and running into few windows only that use closed source cloud for all because it is safest according to some) I started looking for other forums/communities, OpenHab was mentioned few times name Open was for a reason Open Source maybe, so I joined and I am happy I did.

Giving a test of OpenHab on Fedora and CentOS this weekend (tomorrow for me).

Regards, Alex

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Well then, looking forward to hear feedback from you. :slight_smile:

People with that mindest are lost. In my opinion.
The reasons why I think like that, would be to many to list…

Since we have no real user-data about installed environments, the following statement shall be taken with a grain of salt :salt:

The most used environment is openHABian.
Followed by custom installations based around Ubuntu, Debian, Docker yada yada.
And the last place should be Windows. (I HOPE!)

Cheers :beers:

The easiest way, at least in a Debian based environment, is to install openHABian using the Linux install. I know it uses apt package manager It may also use yum. I have not investigated that,.

Another possibility on CentOS would be a Docker installation.

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Well 100% of my devices work and home are Linux or BSD based, keep track of Mac cause my GF uses it so … (Mostly basic stuff)
I quit Windows I while back suing WinXP, before Vista and Windows 7 around 10+ years ago. not sure what are they at now Win10 / 11.
Used Mac and from 2009-2010 100% Linux + BSD.
I just avoid Microsoft hardcore and Windows only users (if Linux is so bad why Microsoft uses it for Azure). If I need to explain to a technical person why Linux is better then Windows in 2020 I have lost the discussion from the start so I just avoid them and let them see with time Windows VS Linux.

Well I am a very private person don’t use social media etc, but I am all about helping out the community including OpenHab, I always keep journal of what I do (good practice from my years as sys admin or now they call it devops) so I am ok with sharing any info you need including my install procedure on Fedora / CentOS.
I am ok with sharing any additional info about my home setup as long as my private data lan and local ip is not shared, if you have some software for user data I can install it and you can read what statistics data you need (after I check the code and only if the app is 100% open source)
Trust but verify. Well in case I am the first Fedora User you might get more after I recommend it to my friends at work all of whom have home IoT.

Such an software, binding or addon would be wonderful. But sadly we don’t have such a tool atm.
As far as I know.

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I guess you won the lawsuit? :rofl:

Something people add to their profiles that is useful for context is, at least, your country.


apt is Debian / ubuntu package manager.
yum is old package manager for Fedora Red Hat and CentOS new is dnf, openHAB can be installed on Fedora my preferred OS. CentOS and Fedora are like Ubuntu is Fedora, Ubuntu LTS would be CentOS, CentOS is just Fedora LTS, some version of Fedora even support LTS by default like Fedora Labs.

Thanks for the input. Regards, Alex

Browser auto correct I wanted to write Using XP, last Windows I used was Windows XP.

Well I live in 3 continents
North America Canada for one month with my girlfriend, summer in Middle East and many travels around Europe. Main office and place of residence Germany, Hamburg, City of Hamburg.

Regards, Alex


I know but I figured a little humour could not hurt. I figured it was either a typo or a Freudian slip.
I once had a coworker that claimed if he could type, he would get a real job. :smiley:


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