Hello, problem with knx bindings


after uninstalling openhab and reinstalling, I no longer have communication between my gateway and openhab. I prefer the knx1 binding and I tried the knx2 binding, that’s why I made the manipulation to delete everything. I’m used to doing it so I know my config is good. with the open-cli console no links and no error. would you have a track in order to restart or to correctly suppress openhab.

thank you.

to delete I did: sudo apt purge openhab2

raspberry pi3 b +
openhab 2.5.4

First of all: It makes no sense to use knx1 as knx1 is less stable when using openHAB2.x

Are you sure you did setup all correct? How do you connect to the knx bus? what’s your knx.cfg like?

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