Help configuring HABot to operate AV Receiver functions separately

Bit of a newbie here. I am currently trying to set up HABot to turn on my Receiver for me, but I would also like to ask it to set the volume. Below is my current config in my .items file.

Group	gReceiver		"Pioneer Receiver"	<receiver>	(Home, LivingRoom)	["Receiver"]
Switch	PioneerReceiver_Power	"Power"		<power>		(gReceiver)			["Switchable","Power"]
Dimmer	PioneerReceiver_Volume	"Volume"	<volume>	(gReceiver)			["Volume"]
Switch	PioneerReceiver_Mute	"Mute"		<volume>	(gReceiver)			["Mute"]

The problem I’m having is that if I ask HABot to “Turn on the receiver”, it turns on the receiver, sets the volume to 100%, and Mutes it. Is there a way that I can configure this differently so that the “Turn On the Receiver” instruction specifically hits the “Power” switch item instead of hitting everything in the Receiver group?


Any help would be appreciated!

You named the group Receiver so it “turns on” all items in the group. That is a feature of groups…
If you named the power button Receiver instead, it would work as you expect.

Thanks for the suggestion. I had it configured that way initially and it was working. The problem is that I also want to be able to say something like “Set the volume on the receiver to 50%”. This command only works if the “Volume” dimmer item also has a “Receiver” tag, which results in the same problem where HABot associates the “Volume” with the “Receiver” tag for all commands.and sets the volume to 100% when turning on the receiver.

Turn the power on the receiver ON

Same problem.