Help: Display a MIN value from several items with group


Struggling to get a MIN value output from a set of temperature sensors that I have.
I want to display the min value of several Temperature sensors.
Group & Items created. Items show value correctly on the HABPanel but not the group.
Do I need to assign the group to a new Item in order to display it? Or am I missing something in my logic?
The next step would be to add a Persistence to the DB, this is already setup for the individual items but I want to store the MIN value as a new dataset.

Appreciate any help I can get.

Itemps file:

Group:Number:MIN gLandetTmpIn "Min temp inside [%.2f]"

Number          Temperature_ESP1                "ESP1_Temperature_kok [%.2f]"           (gLandetTmpIn)  {mqtt="<[mosquit$...

Number          Temperature_Living_ESP2         "ESP2_Temperature_Living [%.2f]"        (gLandetTmpInx)              {mqt$...

Number          Temperature_ESP3                "ESP3_Temperature_Hall [%.2f]"          (gLandetTmpIn)       {mqtt="<[mo$...

//Michael Stjerna

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Make sure to fix that typo on your second temperature Item. This is the second time you’ve pasted the Items into a paying with the same mistake. Are you certain the extra x isn’t in your actual .items file?

That isn’t the source of your problems but could be the source of a problem.

This is working now.
Thanks for the support. Restart and recreaton of groups from PaperUI didaktik the trick