Help getting logged in to console - openhabian / pi 3b+

I was able to get the openhabian imaged and installed properly… but for the life of me I cant ssh into the pi.

The webserver is working and I can get to the start and log pages. I can even get to the smb sharers - openhabian/openhabian works for those…

when I ssh into the pi using putty and port 22 - it connects to the login page but then it says access denied with openhabian / openhabian.

login as: openhabian
openhabian@’s password:
Access denied

what am I missing? Any help would be appreciated! thanks

I just had that happen. I closed putty and reconnected and the error went away. Weird.

Yes sometimes I get this error if my known_hosts file is messed up. I just delete the file and reconnect.

Also, did you change the default username in openhab.conf? I have some that and forgot.

so just to follow-up… I ended up re-imaging the sd card and it worked fine. I ended up doing that before seeing the post on the known_hosts file, so I will keep that in the back of my mind for next time :slight_smile:

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