Help Im new to openhab

I have a few things to figure out.
I have setup my Pine64 with the pine64_openhab_20160915_8GB image.
Plugged in a aeon z-wave stick and it all working. The only thing is that I see an additional z-wave controller that is offline. Seems to be the builtin one. I can not remove it from openhab.
The other thing is that I can not see Habpanel in the Extensions list under user interfaces.
I have searched and have not found how to install the Habpanel. What is the easiest way?
The next thing is that I have a 914TRL Touchpad Electronic Deadbolt. Cant seem to get the lock/unlock to work.

I do not use the image, but I guess, you should update to a more recent version of openHAB, so (most likely) you should uninstall openHAB (apt-get purge openhab2-offline (oder -online, don’t know which version is preinstalled) and change/etc/apt/sources.list.d/openhab2.list according to snapshot repository, then reinstall the current snapshot (offline or online) and choose habmin to be installed from paper UI or through karaf console.

Ok. I tried both the uninstall commands. Both came back with no package by that name. I did “apt list --installed” and I don’t see openhab as a package.
Is there some other way to uninstall?

Then it’s probably a manual installation, you should find it under /opt/openhab2 (maybe there are start scripts in /etc/init.d/ or, if using systemd, you can find them through systemctl status openhab2.service.
Do you know what flavor of linux is used? Whatever…
If there are scripts to start and stop openhab2, just delete them and delete the whole openhab2 directory. After that is done, using the ‘apt-get way’ to reinstall should work as well.

Perfect. I went and deleted the openhab directory. Did apt-get of the offline install.
Was able to install the Habpanel. Everything is working great accept its not putting my things into the Control.
The OS is Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS (GNU/Linux 3.10.102-3-pine64-longsleep aarch64)

To see your things in the Paper UI Control tab, you need to link the channels from the things to new items.
The easiest way to do this is to enable “Simple Mode” in Paper UI -> Configuration -> System -> Item Linking
Then, go to Paper UI -> Configuration -> Things -> (select your device) -> Click on the round blue button next to the device channel(s)
Afterwards, you should see the things (and their linked items) in the Control section of Paper UI.
For HABPAnel, you need to add widgets and configure them to be able to display your things.

Ah yes. I did not notice it was not in simple mode.
Thanks guys.
Now I just need to figure out how to get my deadbolt lock to work,

I’m a newb too, but I believe that that the security command class required by z wave to work with the lock is not yet supported by the zwave binding in openhab2, but does work on openhab. I think you can replace the zwave jar in openhab2 with the openhab jar and it should work since there is some kind of compatibility layer, but this is not the ideal solution and the gentleman who is maintaining the zwave binding says that fairly soon we should have the zwave binding working more ideally in openhab2.

Took me a while to venture across all this disparate info, not guarantees on its accuracy but I felt I had to chime in based on the similarity of your problems to mine. BTW, I also have a pine64 and the gen5 aeon stick and a lock (schlage). I found the prebuilt image to be useless in this case because the first thing I had to do was remove the preinstalled openhab and apt-get the more recent version.

Hope this helps.

Hi Scurrier,
Glad I found someone that is using the same config as me.
What is the OS that you have on your Pine64? Im still having problems with mine.
On a fresh install of the prebuilt image with openhab I remove openhab and then apt-get to have the most recent version. I get everything working great. But when I do an update of packages or add in more extensions in openhab I lose my connection to the Aeon z-wave stick. Openhab shows it offline and serial port is not there. (/dev/ttyACM0)
Im not sure what is happening. Have you run into this problem with yours?

I think I have the same OS as you.

I have had zwave things go offline when I don’t expect it, yes. Sometimes they’re not truly offline though and still work. I chalk it up to beta status.

Btw, did you notice beta 5 is out now? Beware, it has a breaking change in it. But hopefully is less buggy. See the announcements section of the forum for more details.

Yes i have the same problems with zwave devices going offline but i can still operate them.
Might give beta 5 a try.


i’m a Pine 64 user myself .
i try to install OH2 more times that i can remember and each time i encounter a different problem.
mostly a Z Wave recognition and permissions, for not i took the Pine64 image created by Kai and
delete the folder of openhab and install with apt-get the oflline latest release.
i’ll love if all of us (Pine64 Users) will have a central location to share knowledge and experience of our OH2 setup.

I have a raspberry pi also with the aeon labs z-stick …
the device is /dev/ttyACM0 …

The device has the following properties
crw-rw---- 1 root dialout 166, 0 jan 14 21:12 ttyACM0

It means the device is owned by root and is a part of group dialout.
To get it to work you have to add the openhab user to the group dialout
That can be done with this command: usermod -a G dialout openhab

That was all needed to get all my things to show up…

Ya. I gave up on trying to install openHAB on a fresh Debian or ubuntu image. Just used the openHAB image from the pine64 site. Deleted all of openHAB folders and did a apt install of openHAB beta. Works great now :slight_smile:

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Apologies, I dont understand how this forum works, Im sorry for subverting your thread. I seem unable to delete this post.

We have started to port Openhabian to the Pine64

Hopefully we can eliminate these Pine oddities, and get the ease of Openhabian. The more people helping try this on Pine the better.

Should be information in the Openhab logs. typically here: /var/log/openhab2

Folder is empty except for a readme.txt, which is an empty file. syslog has no entries which grep to openhab.


Hey David,
I can give your Openhabian a try if you like. I got a spare SD sitting around I can put it on.
Is it the same image as the RP or if not where can I find it?

Note there are still some key pieces missing.

You start with the base pine64 image, then need to manually install 32bit Java.

From there you can follow the steps here.

You will also have to modify the openhabian config to specify the OS username.

If that sounds like too much, then you may want to wait untill we get further along.

@ThomDietrich is also working on getting a pine, so I think he will be able to get things moving along better than the few GitHub issues I have created