HELP - Loop in semantic model

Hey all, I’ve gotten myself into a pickle here. I have a Russound MCA-88X whole house music system. It has a built in music streamer that connects to Pandora, Spotify, etc. I was struggling to figure out how to model this, as it represents a single source that every zone shares. I thought to create a location under my root ‘Home’ location and park its channels there. (Artist name, album name, song name, etc.) I created the location, then tried to add the channels using Add Equipment to Model. I think it then tried to create another location with the same name. (I’m not 100% sure on the steps I took.) After that, the location I had created disappeared, even though the channels were still linked. I unlinked the channels, but the location is still missing. This is the error I get when trying to access the Locations tab:

A a loop has been detected in the semantic model: Russound_Source_Streaming is both descendant and parent of Russound_Source_Streaming. Please correct and refresh.

I can’t see the location is Settings to delete, so I can’t fix it from the UI. Can someone tell me how to delete it? I’m pretty comfortable with the command line so that’s not an issue.

I’ve been using the Location cards as my control until I get Pages figured out, so I’m dead in the water until I get this figured out.

Thanks in advance,


All parts of semantic model are just items.
You can go to the item section to find the relevant item

Just to add on the next step for @Matze0211’s idea, if you can find the Item under Settings → Items, then you can remove that Item from one or both of the Groups that are causing problems which will fix the loop. Then you can go back to the model and experiment some more on how best to model it.

YES!! Matthias, thank you very much! I was pulling my hair out last night and couldn’t see a way out. It didn’t even occur to me to think that locations would be considered items. (I guess it should have.) I was sure I’d be in the console typing out some obscure command to delete it.

Rich, I’ll keep that in mind. I got excited and blew that location away with extreme prejudice, but now I know to dig into group membership for troubleshooting.

Thank you both for the help and insight!